1) Who is Sete Brasil?

a. Rig Operator?

No. Sete Brasil is not an asset operator. The Company works partnered with experienced operators, whose ownership is shared among Sete Brasil and its partners.

b. Shipyard?

No. The Shipyards are Sete Brasil’s suppliers and the Company shares no interest in any yard.

c. Petrobras subsidiary?

No. Petrobras' participation in Sete Brasil is limited to 10%, with no special rights on any other shareholder.

d. Unique ultra-deep water rig player?

No. Managing the portfolio of ultra-deep water rigs is the main focus of the Company, and it provides Sete Brasil with strategic market positioning and economic strength. It is noteworthy to say that the Company’s business plan provides for diversification within other niches related to the oil and gas industry.

e. What is Sete Brasil profile?

Sete Brasil is a company specialized in assets portfolio management related to the offshore oil and gas sector in Brazil, particularly on Brazilian pre-salt. The Company’s business model is based on strategic partnerships with companies proficient and experienced in asset operations and whose ownership is shared between Sete Brasil and its partners. Sete Brasil operates through risk mitigation, specially via diversification of the extensive asset, operator and shipyard portfolio.

2) How is Sete Brasil’s portfolio distributed?

The under construction operational assets portfolio are distributed on two similar rig types: 23 drillship type units and 6 semi-submersible type units.

The Company uses a diversified approach when it comes to hiring shipyards in order to reduce any completion related risks of any individual shipbuilder, as shown below:

Shipyard No. of Units Vessel type SPE
Atlântico Sul - EAS 7 Drillship Copacabana
Brasfels 6 Semi-submersible Urca 
Jurong Aracruz - EJA 7 Drillship Arpoador 
Enseada Indústria Naval 6 Drillship Ondina
Rio Grande – ERG2 3 Drillship Cassino

3) What are Sete Brasil assets’ technical specifications?

a. 23 drillship type units: are regular shaped ships with a derrick at its center located above an opening in the hull (moon pool) used by the drill string. It provides a faster transit speed and higher loading and storage capacities. This kind of platform is most suited for exploratory well drilling, where a larger quantity of materials are required to be brought along due to the unknown nature of the soil to be drilled.

b. 6 semi-submersible type units: are equipped with submersible floating devices that provides reduced wave and drift motion effects. The deck, also called "main deck", remains above the waterline out of reach of waves, supported by the rigs’ legs or columns. Its deck surface is usually larger than that of a drillship. The derrick is generally located in the center of the rig and an opening in the center of its deck is used by the drill string. They are usually recommended for field development campaigns.

Each vessel is designed in accordance with international market leaders designs where its equipment and components are supplied by leading and renowned suppliers of the oil and gas industry in order to ensure quality, availability of spare parts and post -sales support for future maintenance needs.

All units are designed for drilling in ultra-deep  water depth up to 3,000 meters and a total depth up to 10,000 meters.

4) How can I contact Investor Relations?

Rua Humaitá, 275 - 13th floor - Group 1302
Humaitá – Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: +55 (21) 2528-0080
Fac-simile: +55 (21) 2528-0080

Chief Executive and Investor Relations Officer
Luiz Eduardo Guimarães Carneiro
E-mail: dri@setebr.com

Investor Relations Manager
Adriana Duarte Chagastelles

Any questions not related to analysts and investors should be directed to the following Sete Brasil Contact.

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