Founded in December 2010, Sete Brasil is a privately held corporation specialized in portfolio management of assets related to the offshore oil and gas sector, particularly on pre-salt. Sete Brasil’s business model is based on strategic partnerships with companies proficient and experienced in asset operations and whose ownership is shared between Sete Brasil and its partners.

Sete Brasil is a job creator and wealth generator company in Brazil, being the first company to build drilling rigs within its National territory, to develop and keep such technology in Brazil. The Company aims to maximize its shareholders invested capital returns by means of safe and profitable asset operations, thus developing in a sustainable manner all Company related business, including shipbuilding and drilling industries, and also promoting technology retention in the country, generating skilled professionals and improving local workforce.

Sete Brasil currently has 28 long-term charter agreements signed with Petrobras, which represents over US$ 89 billion in revenue (total backlog), with an average 14.5 years term duration. This does not takes into account possible additional payments related to performance bonus and the enforcement of term extension clauses in each of the 28 charter agreements.

Sete Brasil also has one additional rig to the 28 already purchased by Petrobras in order to work as a mitigating device for any risks associated with delays, during the construction phase, and as profit generating means for short term purchases markets, during the operation phase. These portfolio management and hedging tools allow Sete Brasil to generate profit from large fleet of rigs, all of 6th generation.

For constructing its current portfolio, the Company entered into contracts with several shipyards in Brazil: Atlântico Sul (EAS – 7 contracts), BrasFels (6 contracts), Enseada Indústria Naval (6 contracts), Jurong Aracruz (EJA – 7 contracts), and Rio Grande (ERG2 – 3 contracts).

The total investment for building 29 rigs in Brazil (28 contracts entered with Petrobras and an additional unit) is estimated at US$ 26.4 billion, which makes Sete Brasil a relevant Company of investments and economic development. The construction of those 29 rigs will require the implementation and/or expansion and modernization of 5 new large shipyards in Brazil, which will generate approximately 120,000 direct and indirect jobs. The rigs are expected to be delivery between 2015 and 2020 according to the EPC Contracts.



To be the biggest charter company of rigs for oil and gas exploration in ultra-deep waters until 2020.


To facilitate the exploration of the Brazilian pre-salt, being the first partner of the operators in the drilling of oil and gas wells in ultra-deep waters, supplying equipment with state-of-the-art technology for a competitive price.


Sete Brasil generates jobs and riches in the country and it’s the first one to build exploration rigs in national territory, developing and preserving technology in Brazil. Creativity, efficiency, sustainability and risk mitigation are the pillars of Sete Brasil.

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